The beginning…




The eve of surgery…

Tonight I can’t sleep, too much going on in my head! Will the surgery be done right, how well will she recover, and what will she look like when it’s all said and done?

I was super glad when Caitlin asked me to stay in the hospital with her overnight. I was planning on staying and was hoping she’d want her mommy 🙂 Turns out she does and I am sure she is more nervous anxious and scared than I am but she’s a trooper and you would never know she’s stressin’ a little. I am posting the newest photos. My lighting was horrible and I tried fixing it up a bit, but still not perfect but you get the jist.ImageImageImageImage

Day 2 of braces…

Caitlin has a bad sinus infection and in the last month she has had 6 fillings, wisdom teeth removal and now braces. She is getting ready for surgery (abt 6months) and even though she had braces for 4 years previously, she is not used to them and they hurt 😦 Poor kid has had a rough last 30 days.

When she got her wisdom teeth removed she had a dance performance the next night at her HS basketball game and made it through, but had to miss her show choir performance the next day as she was just miserable. Now this weekend she has show choir on Fri night and state dance competition right away sat morning and she is sick and her teeth are killing her. I feel so bad for her, but I know she wants this more than anything. She has been teased for years and she is so beautiful and she is popular and it just doesn’t matter. There are mean kids everywhere and boy do they like to be mean! Not only will she look better when it’s all said and done, but she will finally be able to chew properly :))

Here are 2 pics from today and as you can tell she isn’t looking so good.ImageImage